Quite like Dr. Yesu Persaud, the Special Anniversary Edition rum – made to celebrate his 90th birthday - is an embodiment of the indomitable ‘Diamond Estate’ spirit, and brings together centuries of artisanship from the Stills originally situated at the Diamond Distillery; the Copper Coffey Stills, the Tri-Canada Re-distillation Still and the High Ester Copper Pot Still.

The bright medley of honey, almond, orange and banana aromas that evolve from these metal Stills are enriched by the Double and Single Wooden Pot Stills. Ninety bottles were produced.

special anniversary large

Tasting Notes

A lingering aftertaste of licorice and dark chocolate that follow the slight pucker of green apples, and the rich notes of dried fruits and caramelised figs that lead on the palate.

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