The first stage of rum production begins with the fermentation process which can last up to 26 hours. This entails the addition to the molasses of yeasts, specially cultured under controlled conditions of temperature and brix (sugar content). As a result, uncrystallised sugars are converted into alcohols to produce a ‘fermenting wash’ which is constantly monitored and maintained within specified parameters that allow unique flavours to develop. The resulting fermented wash which contains around 7% alc.vol. is ready for distillation.

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Our Diamond Distillery also has a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Plant which reduces the release of CO2 into the air. The CO2 that is produced during fermentation is trapped, purified, liquefied and stored at the plant then later used for carbonation of soft drink, production of dry ice and other industrial uses. Additionally, our new stills recover and reuse energy so that we use less to make more.

We continue to work with our suppliers to instill sustainable practices in their businesses, while bringing greater transparency to our current and future sustainability goals in efficiency, waste and carbon reduction. Our aim is to keep the entire supply chain from raw materials through the production process to the point of delivery to the market in a manner that minimises the impact of our operation on the environment.

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