Explore our Classic Collection of Luxury Cask Aged Rums...

Drawing on our legacy of tradition, flavour and diversity, our Master Blenders have produced a Classic Collection of luxury casked aged rums which have all been internationally recognised as top in their class.

Each possesses its own unique character, achieved by blending aged rums from three or more of our own traditional column and pot stills – a process that cannot be matched by any other distillery in the world.

These rums have a characteristic mellow flavour and a distinctively rich aroma. They are true aged rums from different vintages or batches, blended together to ensure a continuity of flavour from year to year.

Luxury Cask Aged Rums El Dorado 12 Year Old El Dorado 15 Year Old El Dorado 21 Year Old El Dorado 25 Year Old